This agreement is the entire agreement between the Employer and the Association; terminates all prior agreements and understandings not specifically covered under the terms of this agreement and concludes all collective negotiations between the parties during its term. During the term of this agreement, neither party will unilaterally seek to modify its terms through legislation or other means. The Board and the Association agree to support jointly any legislative or administrative action necessary to implement the provisions of this agreement. The Board and the Association acknowledge that except as otherwise expressly provided in this agreement, they have fully negotiated with the terms and conditions of employment and have settled them for the term of this agreement in accordance with the provisions hereinabove stated.

The Association and the Employer agree that all previously executed Settlement Agreements, as well as any future Settlement Agreements shall automatically become an enforceable part of the successor and subsequent Collective Bargaining Agreements, unless:

A. The Settlement Agreement specifically indicates that it shall sunset upon ratification of the successor Collective Bargaining Agreement; OR

B. Through negotiation of a successor or subsequent Collective Bargaining Agreement, it is expressly agreed and explicitly stated in said Collective Bargaining Agreement that a particular Settlement Agreement is voided.