1. No later than 8:30 a.m. on the Monday of the tenth week of each semester, the initial School list of unassigned sections for the following semester shall be posted in each Center office and a master list of unassigned sections shall be distributed by email to bargaining unit members.  The master lists shall contain all course sections that are unassigned, including those at correctional facilities, sections on hold, late starts, off-campus sites, etc. These lists shall remain posted until the end of the sign-up period at 4:30 p.m. of the following Friday. The initial School and master lists of unassigned sections for the summer sessions shall be posted in the same manner during the preceding fall and spring semester.

2. Bargaining unit members shall make their overload request(s) by filling out an overload request form and submitting it online by the end of the designated sign-up period.  The link to the online form will be distributed in the email described in number 1 above.

3.  Bargaining unit members will receive a confirmation email for the overload requests that included the sections requested and a date and time stamp of submission.

4. Bargaining unit members must use the form provided by the College in completing their request(s) and may indicate their order of preference.

5. The College may post fall and spring semester unassigned varsity sports for the next academic year in the spring semester with the fall semester overload posting.

The joint overload committee shall remain in place during the term of this agreement to modify or expand these procedures as mutually agreed by the parties.