An Introduction to NYSUT Member Benefits

The NYSUT Benefit Trust is a not-for-profit organization that is affiliated with NYSUT but is not supported by any dues money from NYSUT locals. Programs offered through the Trust operate under a separate budget, and nine trustees from NYSUT’s Board of Directors oversee its operations.

One service of the NYSUT Benefit Trust is to offer Group Benefit Plans for purchase by local bargaining units, and it endorses programs only after thorough review of the product and provider. Group Benefit Plans include catastrophe major medical, disability, long-term care, dental, prescription drug, vision, term life, financial counseling, access legal, and prepaid legal.

Our NYSUT Member Benefits Representative is Laura Calhoun, who has provided invaluable training, guidance, and assistance to the MVCC Professional Association Benefits Trust Fund officers and trustees throughout the process of establishing our fund and making our first investments.

For descriptions of the many other benefits and services available to NYSUT members and agency-fee payers, visit their website: NYSUT Member Benefits.