The PA is proud to be the very first community college local to receive a Local Action Project grant from NYSUT. NYSUT’s Local Action Project (LAP) is the statewide union’s coalition building and community outreach initiative. We began drafting a LAP grant proposal in October 2001 and were accepted in Spring 2002.

We completed the three-year grant program in 2004, which featured a graduation presentation at the annual LAP Conference. Looking back at our 2002, 2003, and 2004 activities, we feel that our LAP participation has been successful, we fully intend to continue our LAP initiatives, and we will continue growing our union! Click here view the archive from our first LAP participation.

In 2017, the PA was again accepted to LAP.  Many things have changed since our first time around and we felt it was important to reinvigorate the Professional Association with the changes in legislation and attacks on unionism in general.

Local Action Project Year One: 2017-2018

Local Action Project Conference 2017

Upon learning of our acceptance into the LAP program, President Chrisman and LAP Coordinator Antanavige assembled a group to serve as the LAP team. While every effort to include faculty participation on the team was made, the group that attended our first conference consisted of Norma Chrisman, Patti Antanavige, Kelly MacNamara, Michael Henningsen and Jim Henck, our NYSUT LRS.

The LAP team attended the week-long LAP Conference in July at the Gideon Putman in Saratoga Springs. During the conference, the team learned strategies for strengthening member participation, welcoming new members, and building community support and political action. The team also developed a budget for their first year grant and drafted a plan for local initiatives.

LAP Kickoff Event

The Brace Yourself PA-rty, a new addition to the Professional Association line-up was the first change instituted as part of our LAP grant.  This event was created to help welcome the PA back for the academic year.  It allowed us to gather and speak about items that had happened over the summer and provide updates for upcoming PA Events.

LAP Membership Survey

To gain a better sense of the current involvement and ideas for future involvement of our members, our LAP team devised a Involvement Survey. We made the survey available to members online to make it easy to respond. This survey aimed to capture information about our current membership and discern who may be interested in a leadership role moving forward.

Member Recognition

It was clear to the LAP team that we needed to begin highlighting the accomplishments of our members and show them our appreciation for being a part of what makes the professional association a great organization to belong to.  We began by honoring our retirees with PA branded watches at our January Luncheon.  Other things in this year’s LAP grant was the creation of a system of recognition for Longevity as well as obtaining career and continuing appointments. Seen to the right is our PA President with Jack Susenburger, John Swistak, Art Friedberg, Deb Waterman, and Lorie Phillips.

Local Action Project Year Two: 2018-2019