PAnorama is the official newsletter of the PA. The title says it all: We aim to keep our local’s initials at the forefront while providing a panoramic view of the many activities of the PA. Given our motto that “an informed membership is a happy membership,” PAnorama‘s purpose is to keep PA members informed while also providing the membership with a vehicle by which to voice their ideas and opinions.

We publish six issues of PAnorama per academic year and update the electronic version on this website accordingly (issues from the previous three years are available at right and below; issues more than three years old are in the PAnoramaarchive).

In years past, PAnorama has been honored with numerous awards in the annual NYSUT Journalism Competition as well as in the annual AFT Communications Association Journalism Competition. Direct all articles as well as letters to the editor, comments, and inquiries to our editor, Jen Fanelli.