Mohawk Valley Community College Professional Association
United for Excellence in Education

Norma Chrisman, President

Welcome to the Mohawk Valley Community College Professional Association’s website. The Professional Association (PA) is the sole collective bargaining agent representing the faculty and non-administrative professional staff of Mohawk Valley Community College, that was established in 1968.  On May 1, 1973, the PA became affiliates of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and New York State United Teachers (NYSUT).

The PA is a vehicle to address issues and forces affecting the professional lives of the 210+ employees it represents.
This is a time of tremendous growth and activity for the PA. Here are a few highlights of the many activities and projects of our local detailed on this website. The PA has done the following:

  • Participated in a number of successful educational and charity-based fundraisers through our Community Outreach Committee
  • Screens candidates for the Oneida County Board of Legislators
  • Became the first community college in the state to receive a NYSUT Local Action Project grant and graduated in 2005
  • Awarded thousands of dollars to students through the PA Scholarship
  • Received numerous state and national awards for our local newsletter, PAnorama, in the NYSUT Journalism Competition and AFT Communications Association Journalism Competition
  • Rallied alongside other educators and labor unionists to support them in their work for fair contracts
  • Developed this website to broaden communications with our own members as well as with our students and the people in the communities of the Mohawk Valley and to include extensive online photo albums to show the many faces who make up our diverse and strong union.
  • Awarded NYSUT’s Community Service Award along with VOTE / COPE Abel Blattman awards

Please visit our website often to learn about the many ways in which the PA fulfills our motto, “United for Excellence in Education.” Also, visit the websites of our state or national affiliates, using the links to the right.

The PA is affiliated on the state level with New York State  United Teachers (Affiliate #39015)

The PA is affiliated on the national level with American Federation of Teachers (Affiliate #2839)