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New York State


Not sure what VOTE-COPE is or why you should contribute? The easiest response we can give is that the acronym says it all:

Voice Of Teachers in Education -
Committee On Political Education.

VOTE-COPE is NYSUT's non-partisan political action fund. It pools the voluntary contributions of members from across the state to make contributions to pro-education candidates and to support political action that aims to protect our incomes and careers, health and safety, retirement changes, and health care.

Some misunderstand the purpose and function of VOTE-COPE, so it's important to emphasize that members voluntarily contribute to the fund and that the political action is non-partisan. VOTE-COPE supports the election of pro-education candidates and grass-roots lobbying. Union dues are not used for political action. Through VOTE-COPE, the professional and personal lives of our members are improved. VOTE-COPE is your political action committee: It is your voice in Albany, your best means to educate politicians on the issues that shape our professional lives.

The formal structure of VOTE-COPE consists of a statewide committee composed of the elected officers of NYSUT and two other NYSUT members. VOTE-COPE campaigns are coordinated by a statewide campaign coordinator supported by a network of regional campaign coordinators. VOTE-COPE reflects NYSUT’s commitment to the grass-roots involvement of its members. VOTE-COPE funds, by law, are kept separate from those of NYSUT. Decisions on the distribution and use of VOTE-COPE contributions are made by the VOTE-COPE Committee.

The tireless Bill Perrotti, our immediate Past President and currently the Treasurer and Secretary of the CNY Labor Council, also serves as the Coordinator of our VOTE-COPE Campaign. The PA was recognized with the Abel Blattman Award at the NYSUT Representative Assembly in years 2004 through 2007, for our VOTE-COPE efforts. Here are a few of of the numerous articles that Bill has penned over the years in support of VOTE-COPE:

Many other strong, smart higher ed unionists in New York State recognize and appreciate the value of VOTE-COPE in our professional lives as well. Here's just a sampling of other articles:

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