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Out of Pocket Medical Expense Reimbursement

The MVCC PA Benefits Fund announces that the trustees have recently approved an additional benefit for eligible PA members (this includes only those who have been members of the PA for at least 6 months).  This new benefit includes a $150 reimbursement credit during calendar year 2016 for any out-of-pocket medical expenses/flexible spending expenses a member may encounter.  In order to understand what these expenses include please see an attached document.  Eligible and Ineligible expenses form is an overview of all potential items and answers coverage.


How does this work?  The Preferred Group (a NYSUT affiliate) will be administering and tracking members' reimbursements.  Simply complete the form listed below and submit the form and receipts by mailing or faxing to The Preferred Group, and The Preferred Group will cut you a check. You can also elect to have the funds transferred into your account by completing the direct deposit form.


This reimbursement is a one-time opportunity for 2016.  You will only be able to submit receipts to The Preferred Group once.  Therefore, should you submit approved receipts for $ 32, you will receive only $32 and not $150.  I'm encouraging you to save your receipts and submit them once you have reached $150.

  • The reimbursement form can be found by clicking on this link: reimbursement form
  • To find out what are considered eligible expenses to be considered for the reimbursement claim, click here: eligibility information
  • If you wish to have your reimbursement sent to you via direct deposit, complete this form: direct deposit form

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